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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Be Talking With An Insurance Adjuster Before I Contact A Lawyer?

No. Insurance companies deal with personal injury claims every day and they know how to make a low settlement amount appear reasonable. An insurance adjuster may attempt to record your conversation, which could be used against you in the future. An attorney will advise you of how to answer the insurance adjuster’s questions and how to avoid making mistakes with your answers.

Many people try to handle their accident claims without an attorney, but find they end up with less compensation than they could have received if they had the help of a lawyer.

How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

A car accident attorney can assess if you have a case due to your accident.  While your injuries might not seem severe at first, often life-changing injuries are sustained that may not be evident in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

The claims process can be more complex than you think.  It is important to contact an auto accident attorney quickly to help you determine if you have a case – the sooner, the better!

How Much Will My Case Cost?

Dimian & Masterpalo takes their Personal Injury cases on a contingency fee basis; which means:

When Should I Contact A Lawyer?

Immediately! If you are planning on pursuing a case, or wish to discuss it, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately. Although it may seem as if there is plenty of time before a lawsuit must be filed, there are other reasons to begin working on your case quickly.

It may be necessary to act fast in order to preserve important evidence, locate a witness, or investigate the scene of the car accident or slip and fall injury.

How Soon Should I Seek Medical Care?

Make sure you go to a doctor if you are injured. At your visit, do not hold back any information about the location and severity of your pain. Also, don’t make any false or incorrect statements about prior injuries to the doctor. If you don’t remember past information, say so. And most importantly, do not ignore your doctor’s advice.

How Can I Receive Reimbursement for Lost Wages if I am prohibited from Working as a Result of My Injuries?

In New Jersey, most people who are employed are covered by State Temporary Disability Benefits. If injured and unable to work, most people are eligible to collect up to 70% of their gross wages while disabled. These benefits have a maximum duration of six months.

If you are not eligible for State Disability, your employer may provide a private plan. Ask your personnel office about the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Finally, your own auto insurance policy may provides limited benefits for lost wages.

If I’m in an accident, what should I do?

First, get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses, and seek medical attention.

It may be necessary to act fast in order to preserve important evidence, locate a witness, or investigate the scene of the accident or injury.

See: The 5 Things You Need To Do Following A Car Accident.

How Long Do I Have To File A Case Against The Government?

Cases against the government require the satisfaction of two deadlines. Just like most other cases, any case against the government must be filed within a specified period of time otherwise the ability to recover damages may be lost forever.

However, these cases often have a second deadline separate from the statute of limitations that requires the appropriate branch of the government be placed on notice within a specified period of time. Because of the numerous deadlines that determine when legal action should be taken, if you believe you have a claim against the government we encourage you to CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY TO DISCUSS THESE ISSUES.

How Can I Prove Fault?

You can prove fault by collecting evidence including police reports from the accident scene and witness statements. An accident reconstruction expert may also be able to help you prove fault. Our attorneys will explain to you what types of evidence you need and will help you to gather that evidence so you can build a case.

Am I Able To Recover Damages If The Person Who Caused The Car Accident Is Uninsured Or If Am Involved In A Hit And Run?

If you are injured by a person who was uninsured at the time of your accident, don’t worry there is hope! If you have your own car insurance, or live with a relative who does, you more likely than not have the protection you need! This protection/coverage is called Uninsured Motorist. This type of insurance coverage protects you in the event an individual who was uninsured injures you.

Uninsured Motorist coverage also protects you when a person who is at fault in the accident flees the scene and is unknown.

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